This is a renovation I helped for family in 2018 in South of Spain. Even though it was a favor, I truly find joy in doing the most I can with a little money as possible using local suppliers. The results are perhaps not overwhelming but my firm belief is that most of awardwinning architecture is just someone convincing somebody to put a huge budget into realizing an artistic idea which represents perhaps 0.001% of all architects. The rest of us try to maximize value for our clients.

This renovation went from an old apartment to a new kitchen of around 275€/m2. New floor, new kitchen, new everything minus windows and initially, bathroom.

In order to maximize price and quality we met and got 7 offers with references and luckily found a good honest worker that we have several planned works in the future.


New kitchen.


OBS: I have to find all the photos to give a more pair picture to how it was before.